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Fly Me To You


I love to travel and see different areas of the country. If you are interested please contact me for a Fly Me To You Date!


Minimum 4-hour Appointment - Plus travel expenses (requires Reservation Retainer in full in advance)


COUPLES Add $100 per hour to all packages and all parties must be screened.


Donations and Reservation Retainer


My rates are non-negotiable. I find it very uncomfortable and rude. Don't spoil our time together--please do not ask.


The Reservation Retainer IS NOT REFUNDABLE and applied to the Cancellation Fee policy. Your appointment time IS NOT confirmed unless and until the Reservation Retainer has been received.


For returning gentlemen, please do not use an envelope for your donation. Upon arrival, place it on the kitchen island immediately upon entry and excuse yourself to shower. I'll get our drinks, and we can start getting to know one another. If I am coming to you, please place the donation in the bathroom in a conspicuous place prior to my arrival. If we are meeting in public, please use a greeting card that is discreetly given. If I have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances I will refund your retainer.




I love to tour and will be doing more in 2019. I am still available for Fly Me To You.


In the event my touring situation changes, touring appointments require a Reservation Retainer to hold your time. Pre-screening is also highly recommended. If enough Reservations are not received to make a tour viable, all Reservation Retainers will be returned in full. While on tour, I'll entertain same-day requests, but it will be difficult to complete the screening process. If you want to ensure your time, send me your screening information early with your Reservation Retainer and reserve a time just for you. I for whatever reason out of my control I have to cancel a tour, I will promptly refund your Reservation Retainer.




I understand that things come up unexpectedly or that you may have to cancel or reschedule, but please understand that my time is a valuable commodity. Because I do not take short-notice appointments, once an appointment date and time is CONFIRMED, full payment for the time reserved is due and payable. When on tour, prepayment in full will apply. If you have paid a Reservation Retainer, it will be applied to your balance. Failure to comply with cancellation policies will result in immediate local, regional and national Blacklisting. Thank you for understanding.

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I have relocated to the Tampa area. I love making new friends on the I-4 and I-75 cooridor. Sarasota, Tampa, and Orlando are my spots. And of course “fly me to you!”.


I am available Monday-Sunday 10 am - 8 pm.



1 hour $350

1.5 hours $525

2 hours $700

3 hours $1,050

4 hours $1,400



1 hour $500

1.5 hours $675

2 hours $1,000

3 hours $1,500

4 hours $2,000


12+ hours & Extended Daily ~ Please inquire for rates.*


**Requests 3 hours or more require a Reservation Retainer of $50. Receipt of your Reservation Retainer confirms your appointment and is applied to your balance.


Please Note: Reservation Retainer IS NOT REFUNDABLE.


*These are Tampa rates.


Touring rates may vary.


I do not offer half-hour engagements but I am not offended if you have to leave early to attend to other commitments. Please note, however, that the 1-hour rate still applies.



First Time Visitors - Screening is required!

Email me at 

or fill out my contact form.


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